Student Quiz.

Please take part in our Student Quiz! Just for fun. This is to see what type of housemate you are and who you would get on with.


  1. 1.     When checking out a student house, most important thing you look for is;


a)     My possible bedroom

b)    I’m  not too bothered about the house, it’s just somewhere to sleep

c)     The kitchen

d)     The communal area

e)     That there are equal sized rooms

f)      It’s possible bandwidth

g)      I will probably get lost enroute, so won’t be able to form a opinion


  1. 2.     What type of TV programmes do you watch?

a)     I watch the latest American shows on my laptop

b)    I don’t own a TV as I’m too busy

c)     I like watching anything with Gordon Ramsay

d)    My whole house watches Hollyoaks together

e)     TV is a tool for social control

f)      The news

g)     David Dickinson’s Real Deal! Any daytime tv


  1. 3.     Describe your current accommodation;

a)     My room is ok but the window lets light in

b)    The house is  not close enough to the pub

c)     It is nice but I wish we had cleaners coming in

d)    My housemates are great and we hang out all the time. The people make the accommodation

e)      The rooms are all exactly the same there is nothing special about my room

f)       It gets very hot in my room when I leave my laptop/pc on

g)     I can’t put it into words.


  1. 4.     What is a good cocktail?

a)     1 shot jagermeister, one can of an energy drink   (Speedball)

b)    2 parts vodka, 1part gin, one part baacardi, one part tequila, one part triple sec, three parts lemon juice, splash of coke (Long Island Ice Tea)

c)     5 parts orange juice, 2 parts vodka, one part Galliano (Harvey Wallbanger)

d)    ½ pint of cider, ½ pint lager, 1 shot of blackburrant syrup (Snakebite)

e)     1 shot vodka, 1 shot tia maria, can of coke (Black Russian)

f)      1 shot, peach schnapps, 1 shot vodka, 1 shot chambord, splash of cranberry, orange juice and pineapple.  (Sex on the Beach)

g)     Discounted cider/vodka


  1. 5.     When did you last time you changed your bedsheets?

a)     Not sure about two weeks ago

b)    When they were last made dirty

c)     I change them regularly once a week

d)    When someone last visited

e)     I follow what my other housemates do

f)      I downloaded an app which reminds when they are dirty and need to be changed

g)     I don’t have bed sheets


  1. 6.     How many fingers am I holding up?

a)     4

b)    7

c)     10

d)    2

e)     5

f)      1

g)     13





  1. 7.     Who would you most likely to have followed on twitter if they were alive?

a)     Bonnie and Clyde

b)    Amy Winehouse

c)     Boudicca

d)    Gandhi

e)     Karl Marx

f)      Steve Jobs

g)     Stephen Fry


  1. 8.     How do you clean your house?

a)     I clean my room. The rest doesn’t matter

b)    I regularly cleaned up after the night before, which tends to get pretty messy

c)     I clean from top to bottom. I can’t stand sticky surfaces or dirty bathrooms

d)    I wake up all my housemates and we all clean together.

e)     I ensure that we clean equal shares. That the washing up liquid is used equally on each plate, I use the same amount of mop wipes on each tile and ensure that my housemates follow my regime. Everything must be equal!

f)      I clean when needed and tend to use the dishwasher mostly. Job done!

g)     I think that once your room reaches a certain state there is no going back, so why clean it?



  • Mostly A’s- You are a Lurker
  • Mostly B’s- You are an Animal
  • Mostly C’s- You are an Allsop
  • Mostly D’s- You are a Moosh
  • Mostly E’s- You are a Marx
  • Mostly F’s- You are a Techie
  • Mostly G’s- You are a Loose Cannon







The lurker is a common breed of housemate. They like to lurk in their bedroom and shun the daylight. Often when you walk past their bedroom the curtains will be drawn in the day. The lurker prefers their own company, until nightfall when they emerge from their bedroom for their feed. Feeding time is the ideal type to socialise with any resident lurker.

Favourite Room: Bedroom

Preferred Activity:  Playing around on the laptop

Which type of housemate would the lurker get on with? A lurker is a low maintenance ideal housemate as they do not leave their room. They tend to get on with everyone

Most Famous Lurker: Gollum

Superuni’s Top Tip to any Potential Lurkers:  Remember to keep your room well ventilated and say hello to your fellow housemates


The animal is often seen out of the house late at night. The nocturnal animal is essentially a party animal that prefers to enjoy themselves as much as possible. There will never be a quiet moment in the house when the animal is about. They are fun loving and carefree and often are an intoxicating influence

Favourite Room: The Garden

Preferred Activity: Partying, drinking, socialising

Which type of housemate would the animal get on with? The Moosh will generally follow what the animal does, even to their own detriment

Most Famous Animals: Johnny Bravo, Animal from the Muppets, Amy Winehouse

Superuni’s Top Tip to Potential Animals:  Remember to enter the house quietly and avoid waking up the neighbours.




The Allsop idolises the Tv personality Kirtsy Allsop. Like their idol they enjoy having a lovely home and keeping it neat and tidy. With their handmade felted wooly hats, an Allsop will be a mum or dad away from home for the rest of the housemates. They enjoy providing for the house and will be an ideal carer if any of the other housemates that are suffering the effects from the night before.

Favourite Room: Kitchen

Preferred Activity: Cooking a lovely meal for the rest of the house

Which type of housemate would the allsop get on with? The Allsop will instinctively look after the Loose Cannon

Most Famous Allsop: Kirtsy Allsop (Of course)

Superuni’s Top Tip to Potential Allsops:  Use lemon peel in a warm oven to loosen any grease.



The Moosh is a typical housemate. Their natural habitat is the social area and enjoys the company of their fellow mooshes. Occasionally when there are sunnier climes, they will immigrate to the garden.  They are easy going and carefree. They prefer house parties rather going out.

Favourite Room: Living Area

Preferred Activity: Relaxing in front of the TV

Which type of housemate would the moosh get on with? The moosh gets on with most housemates, but seems to bounce off the Techies enthusiasm for technology. 

Most Famous Moosh: Simon Pegg

Superuni’s Top Tip to Potential Mooshes:  We recommend that you get a box for glasses/bottles so that you can recycle




The Marx has been unfortunately influenced by their recent history lectures. They have a socialist spirit, but they seem to tweet or facebook this spirit to anyone who will listen. With their red Che Guevara  t-shirts, they are against the system and will let their fellow housemates know this. In future however they will most likely work in the banking industry.

Favourite Room: Any room which can house their soap box

Preferred Activity: Lecturing everyone on society, pop culture, the environment, organic food, the most alternative clothing range in fashion etc.

Which type of housemate would the marx get on with? The Marx will get on Allsop, as they both would like to share the housework equally

Most Famous Marx:  Karl Marx

Superuni’s Top Tip to Potential Marx’s:  Don’t have a revolution against your landlords please.


The techie is obsessive with the latest technology. They are often seen clogging up gadgets shops, playing with the latest thingmajigs. They will talk about technology as if it had personality and cherish every new whojamaflip they purchase. Be warned a techie will scrutinise any of their fellow housemates with older technology.  It is advisable that the techie watches ‘Terminator’ for their own safety.  (Don’t trust the machines!)

Favourite Room: They live in their own electric bubble, which can be moved from room to room

Preferred Activity: Downloading anything and everything

Which type of housemate would the techie get on with? The techie seems to follow the animals’ activities. The animal relies on the techie latest gadget to records its activities for future reference.

Most Famous Techies:  Steve Jobs, Skynet, Optimus Prime

Superuni’s Top Tip to Potential Techies:  Remember to turn off your laptop when you are not using it.




The loose cannon is someone who tends to get everything wrong. Loose cannons lose everything, dissertations, keys and their heads. They need to be looked after and cared for. There will be instances where its housemates despairs over the latest dilemma it has created. The loose cannon must be cared for and should not be able to roam free without another member of the household.

Favourite Room: They tend to get locked out the house, so they haven’t developed a preference

Preferred Activity: Walking to the shops in their jimjams.

Which type of housemate would the loose cannon get on with? The loose cannon is swayed easily, so the Marx and Animal may take them in and take advantage.

Most Famous Loose Cannon:  The man who decided he would sail around the UK coastline. He used an AA map and ended up going around and around the Isle of Sheppey until he run out of petrol.

Superuni’s Top Tip to Potential Loose Cannons:  Remember to sign all your tenancy documents prior to tenancy. Keep your keys safe. Don’t get lost enroute to the house. Perhaps take a friend to where ever you go. The list could go on….. Good Luck!






We look forward to you becoming our tenant no matter your results.