Guide for Parents or Guardians

We are friendly family run private landlords. Our focus is student lettings and as such we pride ourselves on offering our students good support. We have a dedicated team and take great pleasure in the properties we offer our students. We look after the students and we expect that students look after our properties. We understand that this is your childs first rental from away from home, so we do try to provide them with as much information as possible. We do however appreciate that as a parent or guardian that you may be concerned, but rest assured that they are staying with a friendly, student focused landlord. This information section is designed with parents in mind.

For information concerning the agreement your daughter or son has signed please follow the website link below;

Frequently Asked Questions

Do our properties have safety checks?

We conduct a Gas Safety check yearly and an Electrical Safety check every five years. All houses are fitted with smoke/heat detectors which are tested and maintained. These alarms are fitted in the central communal locations. All small appliances that we have supplied have also been PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) tested.

How do you deal with maintenance issues?

We ensure that all of our properties are well maintained, we have a dedicated maintenance team, who respond swiftly to any maintenance issues raised.

Do you participate in the Winchester City Council Accreditation scheme?

The Winchester City Council Accreditation Scheme sets good standards that as a responsible landlord we try and achieve in all of our properties whether they are Accredited, or not. These cover internal decoration and furnishings, repair, fire safety, security, heating and hot water provisions, facilities and room sizes.

There is a problem with the house. Should it be reported?

Please ask your son or daughter to email us direct with the details and we will endeavour to resolve this issue

My child is experiencing problems with paying rent. What can s/he do about this?

We are sorry to hear that they are experiencing problems. Your daughter/son has signed a tenancy agreement and is obliged to pay the rent. However if they are unable to pay rent, please get them to call us as soon as possible so that we can discuss the issue and consider an alternative payment plan.

My child has left university and would like to move out?

Once a student has signed a tenancy agreement they are legally bound, however if they and their housemates can find a replacement tenant that they all are happy to live with we can usually arrange for them to join the tenancy. Please get them to contact us so that we can discuss this with them.

Do students need to pay council tax?

Students do not need to pay council tax. They are exempt; however they will need to provide evidence to the council that they are currently in full time study.

What is a guarantor?

All of our tenants are required to have a UK based guarantor, usually a parent or guardian, who signs a form to confirm that should the tenant that they are guaranteeing runs in to problems paying their rent, they will make the payment on their behalf.

Why do you need a guarantor?

When a Landlord agrees to accept a tenant into his or her property, they are taking a risk that the tenant will pay the rent for the duration of the tenancy period, look after the property, and move-out when agreed. They understandably want to takes steps to minimise the risk they are taking. For tenants who are in full-time employment, it is usual to perform credit referencing to check affordability. However, this is not suitable for some tenants, such as students, and in those cases, we ask for a Guarantor. When a landlord hands over the keys to their property, one of their most important assets, they are risking more than just loss of rent. A Guarantor is one way of a prospective tenant demonstrating their suitability and securing the property.

Do you contact the guarantor in the first instance of defaulted payment?

We feel that it’s appropriate to contact the student in the first instance of a defaulted payment, to give them an opportunity to rectify the problem.

What checks you do you carry out on guarantors?

Your son or daughter has joined a joint tenancy agreement. Each member of this tenancy agreement has a guarantor. We carry out small checks on each of the guarantors to verify details. These checks do not affect credit scores and merely for verification purposes.

Can I have a copy of the tenancy agreement?

We supply a copy of the tenancy agreement to the house leader. If you require a copy of the tenancy agreement, please ask your daughter or son to contact the office and we will be able to supply an additional copy.

How do students pay for their rent?

Rent is paid generally via Standing Order. We asked students to complete an instruction form for the bank to follow. Rent can be paid either termly to coincide with student loan payments or monthly. Late rent may be subject to a late payment fee of £30.00 and interest. It may be possible to pay rent by cheque, but bounced cheques will incur a £25.00 charge.

How is my daughter/sons deposit protected?

On our larger properties, we require that a deposit is paid. This deposit is not held by us and is registered with outside body. We register the deposits with the My Deposit scheme. The Deposit Protection Scheme enables the deposit to protected and complies with government legislation. The full information concerning this is provided to your child when they signed up. But if you require any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us