Future Tenants FAQ’s



Who are we?

We are a Winchester based, small family owned business providing quality student accommodation in Winchester, Oxford and Guildford. We have a team of helpful staff all working towards making your experience of living away from home as easy and comfortable as possible. If you ever have any problems or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We don’t bite!

How do we get in touch?

Our opening times are 9-5pm weekdays. It is best to contact us via email admin@superunihousing.co.uk so that we can ensure the right members of staff deals with your query. You can also call on 01962 842 864.

I would like to book a house viewing?

Please use our contact us section and property search function. You can search by distance and numbers of tenants. We usually begin our house viewings during November, so please check our website regularly or preregister your interest in a particular property. The majority of our houses are all close to the University so tend to get snapped up.

I have just visited a house and I love it so I would like to sign a tenancy agreement?

That’s fantastic news. Please call the office and we will arrange the paperwork for you.

Do I have to pay a deposit or are there any fees?

Each person is required to pay a non-refundable admin fee  on signing up to a propertyA deposit is taken on our larger properties which will be registered with the Mydeposits. Their terms and conditions will apply and can be found at www.mydeposits.co.uk

What kind of tenancy agreement will I join if I sign up?

The Tenancy Agreement is a Joint and Several Agreement between your group as a whole and the landlord. It is important when choosing who to live with that you choose to share with people that you know and trust. The Agreement is a legal document that once signed, is binding for the duration of the tenancy.  Our tenancies usually last for 52 weeks, starting in June or July. It is important that you keep your copy of the Agreement in a safe place. We will also ask you to sign a copy of a General Info document to show that you have read and understood just what you are taking on

What does joint and several mean?

Each person who has signed the Tenancy Agreement is equally responsible for any damage to the property and its contents. You are also all responsible for ensuring that the total rent on the property for the whole period of the tenancy is paid

What is a guarantor?

All students are required to have a UK based guarantor, usually a parent or guardian, who signs a form to confirm that should the tenant that they are guaranteeing run in to problems paying their rent, they will make the payment on their behalf

How do I pay my rent?

Payment of rent is generally by Standing Order. You will be asked to complete an instruction form to the bank for this purpose. Rent is usually paid termly to coincide with your student loan payments but monthly payments may be arranged if this suits you better. Please ensure that you have enough money in your account when your rent is due to come out. If your loan is late and you need to delay a payment please notify us without delay. Late rent may be subject to a late payment fee of £30.00 and interest.

It may be possible to pay your rent by cheque with prior agreement. Bounced cheques will incur a £25.00 charge

Can I have pets, candles, incense, or cigarettes in one of your properties?

The short answer is no. Unfortunately pets tend to damage the property. Incense, candles and cigarettes are all fire hazards. Also smoking causes a dreadful smell.

Can I have guests stay in the house?

Everyone loves a sleepover so guests are welcome but their stay must not exceed three nights.

Will I need to buy a TV license?

Yes, if you are watching any live TV programs on a computer or own a television you will need to buy a TV license. TV Licensing tends to lookout for students not paying their TV licenses fees and so you will end up with a hefty fine if you don’t pay. For more information visit TV licensing website;


If you choose to rent a house with a Tv supplied, you will have to buy a TV license. If you do not wish to have the Tv that we have supplied in the property please contact us immediately and we will remove it before you move in.

Is parking available on all of your properties?

Cars should be limited to the number stated on the contract if any. If a driveway is not provided, it is possible to apply for permit parking where applicable. We will make it clear in the viewing whether parking is available.

Will I need to buy insurance?

We do not provide contents insurance, so please do buy household contents insurance. This can be brought as a group rather than individually, as you have signed a joint tenancy agreement.

How will I pay for council tax?

Good news! Students are exempt from paying council tax. (The people at Superuni aren’t, we’re pretty jealous as we would love not to pay) However the guys at the Council do need evidence that you are in fact a student, so do be prepared if they request this. It is the responsibility of student to advise the Council of their student status

I’ve signed up to a new house and was wondering when I can move in?

The tenancy agreement will state what date and time you can move in. Please follow this advice carefully as you will not be able to move in before the time stated. Usually you are able to enter your property after 2pm, but please refer to your documents for further verification.

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